Our Beers!

Haystack Lager- Our BOHEMIAN lager is something to behold! We used copious amounts of organic cascade hops and top hopped it with the same. Smooth as silk and as tasty as any lager you have ever had. I don’t like lagers and I Love this one! It’s a must try. ABV- 5.0%

Prohibition Hard Cider- This sweet & dry hard cider is for those who are looking for something different. We are sure it will be the “apple of your I” 6.0% ABV

Rotating Sour-

Tractor Tire Pale Ale- Simple Pale ale that is light enough to keep from getting that full feeling yet complex enough to keep you coming back for more. 6.3% ABV

Farm the Back 40 -Session IPA- This session IPA is smooth and a nice lite IPA. ABV-

Mad Hen IPA- This IPA utilizes a ton of local organic chinook and cascade hops and is top hopped with Simcoe hops. There is a touch of Rye in this brew to give it a smooth start and hoppy finish. 7.2% ABV

Lucky Duck Double IPA- - 100% grain! Consider yourself lucky to have this limited edition high gravity DIPA. With a whopping 9.3% and 128 IBU it is a treat. It has a kitchen cabinet of hops and I lost track of how much and how many dry hops schedules I kept. I know it sounds irresponsible and blame it on the Duck! Yes I drink when I brew. Get this lucky Duck while it lasts and tell your friends you waddled away happy! * price differential* 9.3% ABV

Stoner's Imperial Hempseed Stout- I use hempseeds in the mash to add a touch of nuttiness and a handful of local Perle Hops in the boil to give it a nice balance. I threw in some cascade leaf hops while it was fermenting to add one more dimension. This stout boasts a 6.6% ABV