Doing What We Love

Their friendship and love for beer goes back over 25 years!

Chris and Will met in 1993 and worked together for a not-for-profit environmental lobby organization. They worked together for several years and became best of friends. Will became a homebrewer when he he was faced with living with his in-laws in a basement apartment for several years. He found homebrewing to be a great way to pass the time and it soon became his passion.

When he moved into his own home with his family in Mount Sinai, Will started to homebrew on a bigger scale. Teaming up with his brother-in-law and his brother-in-law‘s best friend, the trio started brewing like wild men which resulted in gallons and gallons of beer (made and consumed).

Will found himself taking great joy in experimenting with different grain and hop recipes. He new his one time hobby was evolving into an obsession and it didn’t take long for him to share his craft friends. Will showed Chris how to brew one day and now Chris too was hooked and began brewing beer himself.

One day, while drinking some terrible local brew, Will (in typical fashion) shot his mouth off and said he could do better. Not letting this boast go by unchallenged, Chris suggested that they should open a brewery and make Will prove it. Maybe it was the beer talking but Will accepted the challenge and even raised the stakes. His goal was to produce a selection of beers that he knew would appeal to craft beer aficionados using locally grown ingredients.

Together Will and Chris proudly produce a robust selection of craft beer with some mainstays like their Haystack Lager, Tractor Tire Pale Ale, Mad Hen IPA and Stoner’s Stout.

Visit us and let them share their passion for making and drinking great beer with you.

Will and Chris

Will and Chris