Our Beer Making Process


We grow our own barley, rye and wheat right here at Garden of Eve Organic farm.  We also supplement some of our grain with New York grain from the Hudson valley and Central New York.

We grow some of our own hops too and get most of it from right here on Long Island.  For some of our more hoppy beers we also get some from the West coast.


Not only do we grow our own grain we small batch malt by hand right here on the farm too.  This process is perfected by Chris the co-owner of garden of Eve farm and garden of Eve Farm Brewery.


Our process harkens back to the early days of brewing beer.  We do not manipulate our water (other than filtering it).  We use a simple process that involves water, grain, and hops.

On occasion we will add ingredients from the farm like maple syrup or strawberries or honey from the apiary to some beers.  The intent is to only use what we can grow or gather ourselves.

Our Goal

We deliver the best product possible and are working toward creating beers that use 100% of our grain and hops right from Garden of Eve Farm.  A fully organic and Long Island grown and brewed product is not currently being done anywhere.  Your early support will help us do that!  Thank you.

Barley growing on our farm in 2017Barley growing on our farm in 2017

Barley growing on our farm in 2017


Experimenting with brewing recipes in 2016